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What is Lifeline?

It's a quick and simple way of getting help should you have an accident or emergency in your home. You may be unable to get to the phone, for instance, after a fall, or because of an intruder. We provide a 24-hour, 365-day monitoring service giving you the freedom to live your life independently knowing that you can obtain assistance when you need it.

Who's it for?

We provide valuable support to a wide range of people of any age, from older people, to learning disabilities, to mental health issues, to domestic violence, to anyone with concerns for their safety.

West Sussex County Council and NHS West Sussex are working with Welbeing to provide a free 13 week package of telecare equipment to those referred to the scheme. Telecare can help get people home from hospital sooner or sometimes prevent them from being admitted in the first place.

Who can benefit from telecare?

  • People with a history of falls
  • People with dementia
  • People recently discharged from hospital
  • Carers
  • Older people living alone
  • People with long term health conditions

Do you qualify for a 13 week trial of lifeline services?

The 13 week scheme is operated through West Sussex County Council and NHS. The referral process is straightforward and you need to talk to your local health or social services professional team. If you don't qualify for the free service you can still call us directly to discuss the range of options available to you.

How will it benefit me financially?

A lifeline may be able to prevent, delay or reduce the costs associated with more expensive social care services.

Do I have to pay?

If you are referred by West Sussex County Council then the package of telecare equipment will be free for 13 weeks. You will then have the option to keep the equipment and start paying for it yourself or to have it removed.

If you are a private customer then the cost of the pendant and lifeline unit is £3.68 a week, and a one-off installation charge of £37 is payable with your first account which covers all future maintenance.

The community alarm equipment remains the property of Welbeing and it is our responsibility to maintain this equipment and to ensure that an appropriate 24/7 response is made to every activation made by the customer.

It is the responsibility of the customer to press their pendant on a monthly basis to test that their unit is working properly.

Wht is included?

The service consists of a base unit and pendant which can be worn on a wrist strap or around the customer's neck. Included in the price is 24 hour a day monitoring via our contact centre. We also offer a wide range of telecare sensors, which can viewed on the "Solutions" part of our store and via the downloadable product brochure.

All that is required is a telephone line which is able to both take incoming and outgoing calls and an electrical power point. If the alarm or a sensor is activated, a message is sent to the contact centre where trained response officers take the most appropriate action, whether it be contacting a family member, neighbour, doctor, or the emergency service.

Do you offer other equipment?

Yes - Details of the wide range of telecare sensors can be viewed in the "Solutions" part of our store. Alternatively, you can submit us with a request for more information, detailing what it is you are concerned about and we will advise you on the potential solutions.

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