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Marketing materials

Last updated: 26th October 2015

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Quick links 

We can provide a short link to your store that you can include in your written promotional documents and fliers. This is a URL address that takes users straight to your online store. It is usually in the form of

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You can use the following logos on your website or in your promotional materials:

 Download the logo pack 

Social networks 

Creating a link to your Store from your social networking pages has the following benefits:

  • You will be offering something new and interesting to your 'friends' and 'followers'
  • You will reach people that perhaps weren't aware of your Store
  • It will increase the level of traffic to your Store
  • It will improve the likelihood of your Store appearing on search engines
  • It is very quick, easy and free to do

Use Connect to Support as your website

If you don’t currently have a website, you can use your Store on Connect to Support as one for free. The “about us” page can be used to include background details about your organisation and this can be even further developed if you have more content to include. Take a look at HomeCareDirect for an example of developed Store pages.

Linking to your store from your website

You can also create a link to your Store from your website has the following benefits:-

  • You will be offering eCommerce facilities as part of your website
  • Customers can access your Store directly without having to search for you on Connect to Support
  • It will increase the level of traffic to your Store
  • It will improve the likelihood of your Store appearing on search engines
  • It is very quick, easy and free to do.

There are two ways you can do this:-

1. Using the ‘code generator’. By completing the two boxes below, a string of code will be generated that you can pass to whoever operates your website. They simply upload this to relevant page(s) of your website and the following image and link will appear:-

2. Giving the URL address to whoever operates your website, along with any logos or text that you want them to embed. This is the best option for those providers that want something a bit more bespoke. 

Please use our code generator below to produce a button as shown above that you can paste onto your website with a link to your store.

Contact us

Interested in finding out more about how Connect to Support could work for you?

Telephone: 0333 600 6330


About PCG

PCG Care Solutions has been delivering award-winning web-based solutions across health and social care since 2008, helping organisations meet the challenges of Personalisation, the Care Act, Children and Families Act and NHS Direct Payments Regulations.

Our solutions help organisations empower and enable people to be more independent, allow choice and control and improve people’s overall wellbeing. 

For more information about PCG and the different services we offer please visit our website.

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