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Reviewing your support

Information for people with social care needs

Reviewing your support

We have a responsibility to regularly review your support with you. This is to make sure it still meets your social care needs, is what you (and your family) want and there are no new options identified to meet your needs.

A review is an opportunity for us to discuss with you the support you are receiving. It is important that, together, we make sure things are going well. Reviewing your care and support plan with you is one way of doing this.

A first review will be considered within six to eight weeks of starting to receive your support. After this, you should have a review at least once a year, or more often if necessary. However, you can ask us for a review at any time.

We may not always need to meet with you for you to tell us how things are going. For example, if your needs have not changed and you are happy that your support is working well, you can tell us this by emailing, phoning or writing to us. We will check back with you to make sure that we have understood what you have told us.

If you have a care and support plan but you are not receiving long-term services or funded support from us, we will review your plan with you within the first three months. If everything is working well for you, we will tell you how to contact us if anything changes. You can ask us to reassess your needs or review your care and support plan if your needs or circumstances change or you need support for a longer period of time. An example of where you would have a care and support plan but not be receiving long- term services or funded support from us is if you need help to keep you safe from the risk of abuse or neglect, or if we are helping you to arrange other support that is more suitable for you.

There will be a written record of your review that will show what we have agreed. A social care worker will explain the review process to you.

For more information, please see our leaflet ‘Is your support working for you? A guide to reviewing adult social care’. Please visit our website at westsussex.gov.uk and search under ‘Adults’ social care publications’, or contact our Adults’ CarePoint and ask for a copy.

Please see our contact details on the 'Contact us' page.

Last updated: 01 December 2023