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Someone to help you have your say - an advocate

You may need some help to say what you want. An advocate can help you do this. They can also help protect your rights, represent your interests, find things out for you and get the support you need.

There are a number of advocacy services in West Sussex. For more information about this support, please ask a social care worker, visit the West Sussex Connect to Support website at westsussexconnecttosupport.org or contact our Adults’ CarePoint. See our contact details on the 'Contact us' page.

Some people find it very difficult to plan their social care support and do not have someone to represent them or support them to be involved in their assessment, planning their support or reviewing their . If this applies to you, we must provide you with an independent advocate to speak on your behalf.  Some people may also be able to have an advocate to help them with their financial assessment.

If you can have this support, it will help you to be fully involved in your social care assessment and in planning and reviewing your care. It will also help you if we are supporting you because you are at risk of abuse or neglect. We provide this service free of charge.

Last updated: 24 May 2023