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Living with a long-term health condition or disability may mean you have to make adjustments to the way you live your life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking advantage of the available support will help you to live well and do the things you enjoy.

Improve your physical and mental health

The webpages in this section will connect you to information and advice to help you improve different areas in your life. Find out about the support available from your local wellbeing hub to help you to improve your physical and mental health.

Can I benefit from buying equipment?

Some people may benefit from making use of equipment or telecare technology to help them to manage their everyday tasks. There are different products available to help with a range of conditions and disabilities and to support you with different tasks such as bathing, preparing meals and moving around your home. 

Work and learning opportunities

If you would like to explore work and learning opportunities visit our Training and Employment section for guidance and practical advice.

Information about specific conditions

We also have specific information on common conditions and disabilities such as autism, learning disabilities, dementia, physical disabilities, sensory impairment, mental health and alcohol and drug misuse.

You can find local information including maps and guides, concessionary travel and community and rural transport on the county council's Getting out and about pages.

Planning ahead

You may want to consider putting plans in place for if, or when you can no longer make decisions yourself. This could be for a temporary situation or on a more permanent basis.  Setting up a power of attorney will mean that you can choose who you would like to make decisions on your behalf.

Visit our sections on Power of Attorney and Deputyship for more information.

Last updated: 20 September 2023