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Day support and day opportunities can help you to stay independent and give your carers a break. Day opportunities also provide a more local service supporting people to be confident in the community they live.

The services are for older people, older people with Mental Health support needs, people with dementia, people with a learning disability or autism, and people who may have a physical disability, sensory impairment (sight or hearing difficulty), memory loss or a brain injury.

Whilst the aim in Day Opportunities is to support people to be more independent over time it is recognized that some people will require services for longer periods of time. The importance of short breaks during the day for families and carer’s ‘are recognized and we aim to work with people as flexibly as possible.

Day opportunities services would typically include:

  • specialist support if you have complex needs
  • support with personal care and medication
  • support to help you regain, improve, or maintain daily living, mobility and other skills (e.g., using mobile phones, computers, road safety, health and well-being etc).
  • support to meet new people, make and maintain friendships, and take part in social activities including hobbies and interests, to reduce isolation. This may be at the centre or in the community
  • support with building your confidence and being part of the community (this may include using local places and support to travel independently)
  • work experience, learning and training and
  • a main meal and refreshments.

Transport provision by the service will only be considered where there are no other alternatives and will be kept under review. Please see the West Sussex County Council transport policy for more information.

To view details of individual services, please use the links on the right-hand side of the page.

Last updated: 15 September 2023