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Health and wellbeing

Improving your health and wellbeing will help you to enjoy other areas of your life.

Wellbeing is a friendly and impartial service that can support you to make improvements to your health and wellbeing. Most of the services are free or at very low cost. 

There are six Wellbeing hubs which cover different parts of the county. You can find out  more about local activities and support services by talking to a friendly Wellbeing adviser - either in person or over the phone. See below for the contact details of your local Wellbeing hub.   

The teams in your local area can give you advice and support on how to improve your health and wellbeing, such as how to stop smoking, how to become more active or making your meals healthier.


Loneliness is particularly common among older people, although it may affect people of any age. It can contribute to mental health problems, such as depression.

We all have a need for social contact and relationships and there are services available if you are feeling alone.

Are you are feeling lonely or isolated?

Staying active to reduce the risk of a fall

Anyone can fall, but falls in over 65s have a particularly big impact.

You can reduce your risk of a fall by increasing your levels of physical activity.  Contact your local wellbeing hub to see what’s happening in your area or read our Getting out and about page for local groups and activities to  improve your mobility and keep you healthy.  This is really important to maintaining independence and health in later life.

Or watch this Stay Active at Home video - a series of simple exercises to improve your strength and balance and to help keep you on your feet.

Have a look round your home for trip hazards

Have a look for trip hazards such as trailing cables and rugs. For a home assessment to find those hidden risks, the Prevention and Assessment Team provide information, education, advice and support.

Wear shoes with a good grip when walking outside to prevent slips and falls.

For people who have a history of falling the Falls and Fracture Prevention Service (West Sussex) at Sussex Community services will be able to provide tailored help and assistance.

You could also have a look at the “Get Up and Go” exercises 

Get Up and Go exercises have been developed specifically for older people, to help them feel more confident doing daily tasks, such as walking and going from a sit to a stand.

Prevention assessment team (PAT)

The Prevention Assessment Team is a multi-disciplinary team that supports people to maintain their independence, health and wellbeing in their own homes.

PAT normally works with people who do not receive other specialist health or social care services. It provides information, advice and access to practical and emotional support, either over the phone or with a home visit.

Watch our short film about the teams and the work they do.

For more information about the PATs service, you can download a copy of this leaflet.

Keeping Warm

Wear lots of thin layers. Cotton, wool and fleecy fibres are particularly good for maintaining body heat. Try to stay inside  during very cold weather if you have heart or respiratory problems. 

Visit Housing to read more about keeping your home warm and find information about payments, discounts and grants. 

Healthy eating

If you are struggling to eat healthily, manage your weight, or make meals for yourself at home, there is support available on the  West Sussex Wellbeing website.

If you or someone you know can't afford to buy enough food, you may be able to get some short-term help from your local food bank. 

It is important to eat well and regularly and to drink plenty of fluids to stay healthy.

Eating well helps you stay active and get more out of life.

A healthy diet can also improve your physical and mental health.

If you live alone, cooking a meal for one can sometimes seem like an effort. Sharing a lunch with someone once or twice a week, going to a café or pub now and again or joining a lunch club could help.

Visit the Getting out and about section to see what is available near you and transport options. 

Last updated: 03 January 2024

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