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Technology-enabled care

Technology is changing lives and can make things easier and more convenient for people who need care and support, and for their family and friend carers. We want to make sure that technology-enabled care is easy to access and is the first choice to help people keep their independence and lead full and healthy lives, whether at home, at work or in their communities.

Devices range from units where you press a button to connect to a monitoring centre if you need help, to systems that remind you to take your medication. Technology-enabled care systems can also detect dangers (such as smoke and gas or water leaks) and personal risk (for example, if you fall).

We work with our technology-enabled care provider to offer two levels of service.

• Short-term service. If you are identified as having an urgent need, we will provide the equipment, free of charge, for up to six weeks
• Long-term service. If an assessment of your social care needs shows that you have eligible needs, we will provide the equipment, free of charge, for as long as you need it.

For both services, you will need to be referred by a social care or health professional.

At the end of the free short-term service, you can choose to become a private customer and pay for the products yourself, or you can have the equipment removed. Your social care worker can give you details.

You can find out more by visiting the West Sussex Connect to Support website or by contacting Adults’ CarePoint. Please see our contact details on the 'Contact us' page.

Technology to support people’s health and social care needs is also provided by district and borough councils in West Sussex, and by a wide range of national organisations.

West Sussex Connect to Support

West Sussex Connect to Support is a website for everyone who lives in West Sussex. It provides information and advice about a range of ways to help people live independently and directs people to local community activities and care services. Please visit westsussexconnecttosupport.org.

Last updated: 08 December 2023